Adrian J Moore, and BOLD have worked with and produced music and albums that have made waves in the industry and garnered numerous accolades following release. The BOLD signature sound can be heard on 'Midnight Oil, Live In Worship,' Becca Folkes 'Christmas Songs,' and 'In My Own Words,' Volney Morgan and New Ye latest single, 'After all,' and the highly anticipated Live album, and both of the well received albums 'NTCG The ROCK Live In Worship,' and 'The Pentecost Experience.'

The BOLD mandate and goal, is to make high quality music services easily accessible to people passionate and skilled in music. We recognise that this is sometimes the number one hurdle that puts a hault to singers and aspiring artists before they can get started. For that reason, BOLD work closely with clients to create a plan of action and method of payment that works well for all parties.

BOLD offer many services to help bring to life music projects, and can guarantee that clients who choose to work with us, will be completely satisfied with the end results! 


Initial consulting

We offer a none obligation consultation session with BOLD Producers to discuss your dream project and bounce around ideas.  


Track production

Whether it be 1 song or a multi-track project, we produce tracks of an the highest standard. Listen to some of our productions here.


studio time

If you have your music and you simply want to record your vocals or audio, BOLD studio is available to rent at a reasonable hourly rate


Mixing & MAstering

If you have a completed track and require this to be mixed, BOLD can do this for you. All that is required is the original files / stems so this can be worked on 


Design & Marketing

After the music is complete, we have a design and marketing team available, to help with the development of artwork for the finishing touches of your project!