We are excited to present our 3 programs for primary and secondary schools, educational and youth establishments. 

Our programs are flexible, and we can adapt the length and delivery of these to ensure suitability for your school, to make sure your students get the most out of participating.

Special guest musicians, choirs and singers will attend specific sessions, for masterclasses and to give advise and insight into their careers.

The program is completed with a showcase organised by BOLD, for students to share with family, friends and other classmates, the skills aquired over the weeks of workshops


Gospel Choir

BOLD will come into your school / educational establishment, and teach a selection of popular music and famous Gospel songs in time for an exciting showcase. Alternatively, we can come into your school for the whole year or an arrangement suitable for you!

20 Weeks
12 Songs
1 Showcase

Drum Workshops

In groups, students will learn to play together, and using a variety of percussion instruments will explore and learn rhythms across several genres and cultures: African drumming, jazz, R&B, traditional Gospel are amongst the stylings these workshops will cover:

12 Weeks
2x 45 minutes sessions
1 Showcase

Music Technology

From the music production of the track, to recording the vocals, and finishing with mixing and mastering, your students will have the chance to produce an exciting project, raise money and make a CD that will forever be in the school history and archives.

20 Weeks
4 Tracks
1 CD from your school