Musicians in ministry

BOLD conducted a survey in 2014 aimed at UK churches varying in size, style and denominations to gather information surrounding their music ministry successes and challenges. We identified 4 common issues that many- in particular, Pentecostal Ministries are facing nowadays;

Churches are paying musicians to play at their services on a weekly basis

Music ministries have broken down as a result of key members no longer attending

Although full of music enthusiasts, due to lack of mentoring over the years, skills haven't been passed down to ensure continuation of a successful music department.

The house musicians are committed to the church and department, but need help to develop their skills

What Is MIM?

A solution to challenge these common problems churches face. A program that offers an opportunity for churches to invest in developing a department

Why Choose Mim?

  1. We offer a programme that provides churches with the opportunity to invest in enhancing their own musicians and department, reducing the need to hire
  2. We'll come in, and train your musicians over a number of weeks, teaching them new skills and techniques to enhance your worship sound
  3. If you currently have no musicians, but people with a musical ear, committed to and interested in learning, we can come in and teach core principles to get started.
  4. MIM offer beginnner and intermediate courses, and also the option to customise a plan that will bring the best results for your church


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